Thursday, November 20, 2014


Here is a Picture tribute to all the Singers/Band members, cast and dancers and Cm`s who made us all Sing-A-Long, Dance and forget our troubles as we fell down the Rabbit hole for a few hours each time we visited.
Rumor has it, Alice was walking with her cat Dinah, when she stumbled upon a White Rabbit (DJ). she followed and the next thing she remembered was falling down the rabbit hole. Dinah (Alice`s Cat) has been waiting for Alice to return. That day and year she fell in was June 15th  2012.

 Alice had tried to back to her real life above, when she found a strange stand where everything was upside down, she saw a bottle that said Drink Me,  thinking it might make her grow or shrink. But instead it made her Feel Alive!! her voice was strong and she felt as if she could belt out high notes with the greatest ease. so she started a Rock band with all the strange people of the land, months went by. Halloween, Christmas and Summer. as they performed in Wonderland.

Each night the Strange But cool Mammoth Tweedles Twins, would shout out instructions to enter Wonderland, No Hats, No Smiles No Service!!


 Then The DJ. White Rabbit would get the crowds Dancing and Ready for the House of Cards dancers and the Red/White Queens.

Then Mad Hatter would get the music flowing and the animal instincts would come out from the Drumming Cheshire Cat, The March Hare blasting his bass, the Crazy Caterpillar rocked the keyboards and Cool Dormouse would Rock the stage with his guitar.

 Then It happened!! March Hare went Mad!!
 Caterpillar was sad!
 The queens became friends!

And it all must end....
I want to thank Robin Trowbridge for creating this cool show.
I also want to thank a few more people for their Great talent , without them it would of been just a Tea party not a Mad T Party.
Jenny Kidd/Dani Kerry/Sheena Loza/Ashley Morgan/Jaime Carganilla/Stephanie Renee Wall/Jennifer Blackwell. The Alice`s Singers.
George ?? sorry don't have his last name/ Nick Schaadt/ Mike Hill The March Hare`s Bassists.
Pat Leon/ Jeff Muzerolle/ the Cheshire Cat Drummers.
Johnny May/Adam Bravo/Mike Lewis/Patrick Copeland/Tim Butterworth and Ronnie? sorry don't know last name.  The Caterpillar Keyboards.
Dan Franklin/Johnny Gomez/Todd McCool/Jon Walmsley/Johnny Demarco.. The Dormouse Guitarists.
And the Lead Singers The Hatters,,, Nathan Shrake/Josh Disan/Drew Tablak/John Flannagan/Rudy Cardenas/Evan Saucedo.
Mr. Ray Pierce put in the talented Aerialist show with the Red and White Queens . Christine Peace & Maya Kramer Fihn and the many more queens.
The talented DJ.s Adam Auburn/ Wendy Walker/ Missy Beltran aka Missy B./David??
The house of cards Dancers, I only know 1 persons name Terrianne Butac.
Alice will soon be returning back home on November 30th after her last show. I`m sure Dinah will be glad to see her.
We will miss you, Thank You all for the great shows. I am sorry for not remembering all the people.
Please make sure you get out to see this band before Nov. 30th